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Engineering Services

Engineering Services

“Engineering Is The Closet Thing To Magic That Exists In The World.” Elon Musk

At Helm, we employ full-time Registered Professional Engineers in support of our operations team. RPEs undergo rigorous training that includes a four year degree, four years of practical work under an established RPE, the passage of two intensive competency tests as well as state licensure. Our RPEs also undergo constant and ongoing training throughout their careers. Registered Professional Engineers prepare, sign, seal, and submit engineering plans and drawings to public authorities for approval. They also stamp engineering work for public and private clients.

On all Helm projects, our engineering teams’ goals have several things in common; we ensure the deliverability of projects on time, on budget and with a high degree of emphasis on quality control. We also add value to our projects by endeavoring to solve complex engineering and construction problems during the design phase (Value Engineering) sometimes evaluating alternative methodology and materials in an effort to streamline projects, increase quality and save money. With literally hundreds of years of engineering and construction experience at our fingertips, Helm incorporates lessons learned over time in every job we encounter.

It certainly goes without saying that Helm’s company wide commitment to living and breathing on the bleeding edge of technology is alive and well on our Engineering teams. If you would like to learn more about our gold-standard approach to technology, please visit the technology section of this site. 

As projects become more complex and budgets tighter, Helm’s engineers help provide clarity and efficiency to building systems. Our engineering teams have deftly managed a plethora of project types from highways and bridges to healthcare and biotech to agricultural facilities to wastewater treatment plants to waterparks to commercial office buildings to industrial processes and many more.

Under the leadership of our experienced Registered Professional Engineers, Helm’s robust in-house engineering group exists to fulfill five critical functions… 

  1. Provide engineering services on all of Helm’s design-build projects. In Design-Build projects, Helm works under contract with the owner to provide design and construction services. The concept is all about one entity working under one contract in one unified work flow from concept to completion.
  2. Support the project team on design-assist and integrated project delivery (IPD) projects.
  3. Provide support when engineering expertise is needed on technical aspects for traditional plan-and-spec projects.
  4. Perform energy design and analysis per customer requests.
  5. Putting our commissioning expertise to work on both our projects and those of outside customers.

We agree with Elon Musk; engineers can be almost magical problem solvers. The really good ones tend not to get enough credit for the deeply ingrained creativity that enhances their technical skill. At Helm, we believe engineering is the bedrock foundation of everything we do. We believe in engineering and practice it with fervor. We have a track record of making every project we do better through the art and science of engineering. If you would like to discuss how Helm’s engineering team can help you succeed, please click here and tell us about your project. We will respond promptly.

Helm’s Engineering Capabilities Include

  • Design/Build  
  • Integrated Project Delivery 
  • Plan and Spec Enhancement  
  • Energy Design Analysis  
  • Commissioning
  • Value Engineering
  • Test and Balance
  • Building Controls Automation

Our Defining Centers Of Excellence

  • Registered Professional Engineering Leadership
  • Innovation & Early Adoption Of The Most Powerful Technology
  • Highest Standards for 24/7 High Quality Service 
  • Talented, Diverse Team of Veteran and Young Engineers
  • Decades of Experience Dating Back To 1969