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Safety: Helm’s Best-In-Class Performance Is No Accident. 

Experienced clients and partners who visit Helm’s job sites for the first time often remark that while many companies in the construction industry talk about safety being a top priority, on Helm projects, it is demonstrably a very high priority, indeed. Our commitment to safety is difficult if not impossible to miss. 

You can just feel it –  and we have the track record to prove it.  At the heart of our outstanding safety record is the belief that good health and safety are the inevitable outcomes of a well-trained workforce operating under exceptional, deeply dedicated and caring supervision.

Helm’s commitment to safety doesn’t end with our emphasis on the health of our employees.  Our Enterprise Safety Program focuses on protecting the community, our customers and our contractor partners – from whom we demand the same emphasis on safe practices we do our own team. Simply put, we believe it is our responsibility to drive health and safety on all of our projects. No matter how simple and seemingly non-threatening the task, our safety processes are consistently rigorous. 

“We employ some of the highest profile trades performing some of the highest-risk tasks in the industry. We learned decades ago that we needed to plan each activity as if we were working inside a 40 foot-deep cofferdam with a rising river – or manipulating 48 inch steel pipe high in the air. When we plan our easiest activities as if they are most difficult, it gives us an unmatched and unwavering mindset safety mindset,”  said Brian Helm, Helm Group CEO. 

“What really stands out to our customers is the company’s commitment to our employees’ health and safety,” said Shawn Meier, Corporate Safety Director. “That is the number one most important thing to us. We have an EMR of half the industry average. Find me another firm with our depth and breadth of services that can match that.” 

Best of all, at the end of the day, Helm’s commitment to safety results in lower insurance costs that can be passed on to our customers.  If you would like to learn more about our safety regimen, please click here. We would be glad to discuss our approach. 

Helm’s Company-Wide Commitment to Safety Includes 

  • Procedural Systemization   
  • Deeply Experienced Safety Leadership  
  • Safety Roots That Run Deep in Each Division’s Culture 
  • An Abiding Desire That Everyone “Goes Home Safe” 
  • Industry-Leading EMR 
  • State-of-The-Art Communications & Technology 
  • Flawless Crisis Management (Even When It’s Another Contractor’s Crisis) 

Safety Statistics

Safety Awards

2022 – Top of Class LWDIR with one incident in over 2.5 million work hours

2022 ASA Chicago – Best of 2022 Safety Award

2021 ASA Chicago – Best of 2021 Safety Award

2019 MCA Chicago – Safety Award Winner for 1,000,000 work hours and up

2019 ASA – Association of Subcontractors and Affiliates – Exemplary Safety Program

2018 OSHA – Platinum Level Certificate of Recognition – 2018 National Safety Stand Down

2017 Great Lakes Construction Association – Safety Achievement Award

2013 MCAA – Mechanical Contractors Association of America – Achieving Safety Excellence – Lost Workday Cases Incident Rate of at Least 25% Below the Industry Average

2012 ASA – Association of Subcontractors and Affiliates – Exemplary Safety Program

2012 LCCA – Lake County Contractors Association – Honorable Mention Award for Lost Work Day Incident Rate Below Industry Average

2012 MCAA – Mechanical Contractors Association of America – Achieving Safety Excellence – Zero Lost Work Day Cases Incident Rate

2012 PAMCANI – Plumbing and Mechanical Contractors Authority of Northern Illinois – Commitment to Safety

2011 MCAA – Mechanical Contractors Association of America – Achieving Safety Excellence – Lost Work Day Incident Rate 25% Below Industry Average