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Founded in 1946 in Freeport, Illinois, the roots that have formed our values are literally in the heartland’s rich soil. As we’ve grown and evolved into one of the most technically skilled construction companies in the Midwest, we’ve stayed true to those hard-working values. We’re unabashedly proud of them, as we are the breadth and strength of our company’s capabilities and the diversity of our team’s skills. 

Since Helm’s early days in the mid-20th Century, our world has been in a rapid state of change, driven largely by technology’s unrelenting advance. During that time, our progress has been fueled by our equally unrelenting commitment to operating beyond the leading edge of technology where we search for more accuracy, better collaboration, higher efficiency, the highest quality, the best safety record in the business – and growth.

From a functional perspective, across all Helm’s divisions, our approach is process-oriented and based on our company-wide commitment to studying and improving plans and specifications, creating and updating accurate budgets and razor-sharp attention to scheduling. 

A surprising amount of our planning is done pre-award, which means we can mobilize as soon as our clients give us the green light. Refining plans does not stop at the beginning of the project, though; throughout all our projects, we continually enhance our plans. As projects come to a close, that is when our clients really understand how Helm’s schedule optimization and efforts to eliminate punch lists positively impact results.  

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leadership Leadership

Many companies say their “people make the difference” and without doubt that is true in our case. But at Helm, it’s also the way we relentlessly seek out the best people and give them all an opportunity to rise within the company that helps us attract so many franchise players. And, just like in sports, the presence of franchise players attracts more of the same.

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community_support Community Support

As a large but closely knit family owned company, giving back is in our DNA. We care about the communities we serve, so we support the communities we serve as generously as possible. Among the types of organizations we seek to support are those who facilitate and encourage diversity in the construction industry and educators.

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history History

Helm’s roots run deep - all the way back to the 1880s in Freeport, Illinois. We’re proud of the diversity and sophistication of our modern team’s skills and the commitment we bring everyday in the service of our clients. But, we never forget those upon whose shoulders we stand because we believe perspective and respect is everything in life.

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customer_test Customer Testimonials

You cannot be in business for as long as Helm has, operating in as many disciplines as we do, without having consistently brought your A Game to every project. We enjoy many legacy customer relationships that span decades of collaboration and we honor each and every one of them by giving our all on every single project.

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Review a selection of Frequently Asked Questions.

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