Helm Group
Marine Services


From The Mighty Mississippi To The Great Lakes and Everything In Between. 

Helm’s marine background goes back decades as one of the US Army Corps of Engineers contractors of choice for lock and dam work on the Mississippi River. With an impressive fleet of barges and barge-based equipment, Helm also performs the marine portions of river crossings as well as concrete dam repair and erosion protection. Customers have counted on Helm to safely and efficiently execute above-water and below-water construction, repair and inspection services on a wide variety of structures since 1980. 

Marine construction is all about the admittedly dangerous dynamic of water. We apply the same detailed, systematic approach to process safety in our marine work as we do land-based projects. When we say Helm enjoys an award-winning EMR, that is company wide, through all our divisions – including our very robust marine operation.

“We employ some of the highest profile trades performing some of the highest-risk tasks in the industry. We learned decades ago that we needed to plan each activity as if we were working inside a 40 foot-deep cofferdam with a rising river. When we plan our easiest activities as if they are most difficult, it gives us an unmatched and unwavering safety mindset,”  said Brian Helm, Helm Group CEO.

“Additionally, marine operations are all about planning,” he continued. “At Helm, in all our divisions, we feature a high degree of emphasis on planning and being prepared for any eventuality on the job site. Our planning processes and our commitment to leading edge technology help us deliver gold-standard work every time.”

It has been our experience that no two marine contractors will approach a given project in exactly the same way. There are few cookie cutter solutions where water is involved. If you would like to learn how Helm might approach your marine challenges, please begin the conversation by clicking here.  Tell us a little about your project; we will respond promptly. 

Our Marine Services Solutions Include

  • River Crossings  
  • Concrete Dam Construction & Repair  
  • Erosion Protection  
  • Lock and Dam Refacing
  • Lock Gate Installation and Repair
  • Cofferdams and Dewatering of Active Waterways

Our Defining Centers Of Excellence

  • Innovation & Early Adoption Of The Finest Technology
  • Gold Standard Safety Performance
  • Highest Standards for Quality Control & Craftsmanship  
  • 24/7 Service
  • Long-Tenured, Talented Management Team 
  • Decades of Experience Dating Back To 1980