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Plumbing Services


Plumbing is The Lifeblood of Modern Buildings. Helm Treats It That Way. 

From small schools to the largest healthcare projects, Helm’s Plumbing team provides value in every project we engage. Our Project Management and VDC staff as well as our field leaders provide the expertise needed while providing unparalleled solutions. Nobody knows better than Helm how critically important plumbing excellence is when an owners look back and ask if their construction project was a success.  

Helm provides comprehensive design, fabrication and installation of plumbing systems throughout the Midwest with the kind of accuracy and efficiency one only sees with the largest, most sophisticated contractors in the nation. From the first design and value engineering meetings to final installation of pre-fabricated piping systems, our goal is to accurately design, efficiently manufacture and precisely install the most durable and dependable plumbing solutions in the business.

“We’ve been in the business since 1969,” said Brian Helm, CEO. “A lot has changed since those early days and much of it has to do with technology – technology we’ve embraced and in many cases helped develop. Our tech leaders here like to say we’re on the ‘bleeding edge’ of construction technology and that’s absolutely true. We have a dedicated staff of nearly 30 engineers who concentrate on ensuring our work is completed in the most lean, efficient and accurate ways possible.”

“And we are not sitting on our laurels,” Helm added. “Our tech team is beta-testing new tools and applications right now, as we always have. We will continue to engage in the hard work that helps us be better prepared for change than our competitors. That is exactly what our customers have come to expect of Helm and what we’re committed to continuing to deliver.” 

As one of the largest mechanical contractors in the Midwest with offices throughout the region, the core technologies that influence plumbing efficiency and excellence (as well as in other Helms divisions) are:  VDC (Virtual Design and Construction), BIM (Building Information Modeling) and Lean Construction. 

Another Helm competitive advantage is our reputation as a competently run, tightly knit, family owned business – despite its size and surging growth. Helm customers enjoy its decades-old legacy of bond-building with the trades and the resulting fact that the best in the business love working with Helm. The same can be said of Helm’s leadership staff itself. 

“Businesses in the sectors we serve can be fragile,” said Helm VP Dale Cox. “But Helm is remarkably durable. Despite its impressive growth, it still feels very much like a family business. The Helm family constantly reinvests in the company. As a company, we are sober about the decisions we make. These things attract lots of franchise players – and that’s a huge advantage.” 

Helm’s Building Automation & Controls and Building Management & Maintenance division offer other significant advantages to building owners. We are able to not only design and build the critical systems that make your building functionally efficient, but operate and maintain them over time, saving you company time and money. 

GCs and owners looking for the best plumbing contractors in the Midwest need look no further than Helm. To view projects to which our Plumbing team contributed, please visit our Project Explorer. To begin a conversation, please send us an email. We will respond promptly. 

Helm’s Defining Centers Of Excellence 

  • Innovation & Early Adoption Of The Finest Technology
  • Enduring Commitment to Value Engineering & Lean Manufacturing
  • Decades of Multi-Industry Experience Dating Back to 1969 
  • Highest Standards for Quality Craftsmanship  
  • Long-Tenured, Highly Talented Management Team 
  • 24/7 Service

Helm’s Plumbing Solutions Include 

  • Design, Engineering, Construction   
  • Automated Pipe Fabrication and Modularization
  • Virtual Design and Construction with local code knowledge
  • Multi-jurisdictional licensing
  • Backflow/RPZ Certification