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Highway Structures

Highway Structures: It’s Never A Bridge Too Far 

Helm is one of the oldest, most well-established bridge builders in the Midwestern United States. From the simplest cast-in-place box culvert to the longest river-crossing span, we have built many of the most challenging bridge projects in the region.  

When it comes to precise engineering and heavy labor requirements, Helm excels. Many of our core team have been with us for decades. Our expansive company-owned fleet of cranes, barges, excavators and other equipment make us one of the largest and most reliable and efficient bridge builders in the nation. From the first pre-construction meetings and value engineering efforts to celebratory ribbon-cutting, we are tireless in our pursuit of excellence on behalf of our clients.  

“I came to Helm Civil right out of college about forty years ago” said Ken Schrock, Civil President. “I joined the company because its values were attractive to me and they were doing impressive, challenging work. Those things are still true today; we do complex, difficult projects with tight timelines that many other competitors are simply not capable of doing. We thrive on challenges and we do what we say. That’s why Helm Civil is always welcome on job sites for pre-construction meetings. Our clients are very often glad we won the bid. Those relationships are earned and we cherish them.” 

As is the case with all of Helm’s diversified departments, safety is of paramount importance when we undertake bridge construction projects. At the heart of our outstanding safety record is the belief that good health and safety are the inevitable outcomes of a well-trained team operating under exceptional, deeply dedicated and experienced supervision. Our commitment to safety doesn’t end with our emphasis on the health of our employees. Our Enterprise Safety Program focuses on protecting the community, our customers and our contractor partners – from whom we demand the same emphasis on safe practices as we do our own team. Simply put, we believe it is our responsibility to drive health and safety on all of our projects. No matter how simple and seemingly non-threatening the task, our safety processes are consistently rigorous and dependable 

“We employ some of the highest quality tradespeople performing some of the highest-risk tasks in the industry,” said Brian Helm, CEO. “We learned decades ago that we needed to plan each activity as if we were working inside a 40 foot-deep cofferdam with a rising river – or manipulating 48 inch steel pipe high in the air. When we plan the simplest activities as if they are the most difficult, it gives us an unmatched and unwavering mindset of efficiency meeting safety.” Should you have a critical bridge project you wish to discuss with Helm, please click here to begin the conversation. We will respond promptly. 

Helm’s Highway Structures Solutions Include 

  • Simple-span and multi-span
  • Cofferdams 
  • Box Culverts 
  • Tied Arch 
  • Suspension
  • Steel truss
  • Design-build 

Helm’s Defining Centers Of Excellence 

  • Innovation & Early Adoption Of The Finest Technology
  • Enduring Commitment to Value Engineering 
  • Self-performance of all significant tasks 
  • Outstanding and up-to-date equipment fleet 
  • Highest Standards for Quality Craftsmanship  
  • 24/7 Service