Helm Group
Asphalt & Aggregate Materials

Asphalt & Aggregate Materials

Providing A Solid Foundation For Thousands of Construction Projects Region-Wide

Helm is the largest construction raw materials manufacturer in Northwest Illinois. We operate 13 quarries and gravel pits where we dredge, drill, blast, crush, screen, and wash aggregate. In addition, we operate 3 asphalt plants in the region where we produce DOT quality hot mix asphalt pavement for our internal use and for select outside customers. 

Because paving is a core Helm capability (it is where it all began in 1946) our insistence on mining and manufacturing our own materials should come as no surprise. Our asphalt and aggregate construction materials are used in local roads, highways, airport runways, parking lots, railroads, building foundations, sewers, and many other projects. There is an excellent chance you have driven on roads featuring our materials – and that airplanes on which you’ve been a passenger have taken off from or landed on them, as well. 

We have both permanent and mobile production systems to efficiently produce the materials our projects need including the use of environmentally sustainable asphalt recycling. 

As part of our quality control process, we have in-house certified materials technicians who create custom mix designs and ensure our finished products meet or exceed all design specifications and criteria.

Our Paving & Foundation Materials & Advantages Include  

  • Hot Mix Asphalt  
  • Aggregates  
  • 13 Quarry/Manufacturing Locations 
  • In-House Quality Control Technicians  
  • Asphalt Recycling On-Site