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We have built an extraordinary team by attracting smart, talented, hard-working people and training, encouraging and challenging them to excel. At the Helm Group. we have created a safe, respectful and enjoyable work environment that has resulted in amazing employee loyalty and longevity. For more information on what it’s like to be a part of our team.



O’Hare Airport’s Terminal 5 serves international air travel as well as select domestic routes. Helm contracted to replace the air handling units and distribution ductwork for the terminal as part of the O’Hare 21 Modernization program. As one of the 10 busiest airports in the world, the team worked through the complicated scheduling and sequencing […]

The $1.2 billion I-74 Mississippi River Bridge project was broken into 6 separate contracts. Helm was the contractor for the Westbound portion of the corridor on the Iowa side of the river in 2019 and the Eastbound portion in 2021. Caissons, Y-shaped bridge piers and steel girders support a deck that will carry 100,000 vehicles a […]

I-74 Viaduct

Located in the heart of the Midwest, Helm was awarded the contract to provide mechanical, plumbing, and other specialty services scopes for the DeKalb Data Center. Highly focused on team collaboration the Owner, General Contractor, and Helm began early in the design phase to plan for every aspect of this fast-paced, highly technical project. Helm […]

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Helm is excited to announce the latest new name to come under their umbrella, Engel Electric. In business since 1958, Engel and Helm have a long history of working together on projects. Engel touches many aspects of Helm including street signals and lighting, facility management, and commercial construction. Many of Engel’s electricians grew up in […]

The US Swimming Olympic Team swimmers qualified for the Tokyo games in a pool built by Helm Mechanical. The temporary pool, constructed on the floor of the CHI Health Arena in Omaha, Nebraska was used for the time trials. A structural frame held stainless steel panels, which were then covered with a waterproof liner. At […]

Helm Service expanded its offerings to the Kanas City market in 2020, opening an office in the suburb of Lenexa, Kansas. Kansas City is the 30th largest metro area in the US by population and is the home of many companies, particularly in the manufacturing, healthcare, and transportation industries. Since starting the office, Helm has […]

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What is the one biggest complaint you hear in other companies? Probably toward the top of the list is something along the lines of, “We just don’t communicate well,” or “I never feel like I know what’s going on.” We can’t say that that’s never been a problem here, but we think we have turned […]

One of the most gratifying things in our business is when a new employee chooses to begin his or her career with us.  Sometimes the employee is blindly assigned by the apprentice coordinator, but more often than not, we have done a good job of recruiting the employee and they have chosen us over other […]

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