Helm Group

Underground Utilities

Our People Build Value Below Ground, Too. 

At Helm, we are expert in the installation of underground utilities for sanitary and water districts, municipalities and private water system providers. Our piping system experience includes sanitary sewer, force main, water main, storm sewer, natural gas, hot water, steam, chilled water and fuel system piping. We also modernize existing utility infrastructure to meet updated quality and safety standards. We work in deep excavations requiring extensive support systems, as well as tunnels, vaults and quick cut-and-cover applications. Our OSHA-trained Competent Persons and dedicated Safety Team ensure each system is installed safely. From the installation of utility systems in agricultural fields to active airport taxiways in urban settings, we’ve seen it all and done it all.

At Helm, we approach our projects below ground just the same as we do those above – beginning with our engineering, safety and construction teams working together during initial design meetings to apply Value Engineering, Lean Construction methodology and technology to help plan the most successful outcomes possible. Decades of working underground have prepared us to tackle the specific challenges and variables presented by any job in any industry. And, variables abound in the underground utilities business. Understanding and knowing how to deal with variables of soil conditions alone can cause a less-qualified firm to fail to anticipate crucial and time-intensive methodologies that Helm’s Underground team has seen before, and knows how to overcome. Of course, we are sensitive to the preservation of natural conditions above ground on behalf of construction partners, owners, end-users and the public. No engineering challenge is too daunting for our engineering and construction teams, including the hurdles of working around ongoing operations, planning for smooth shutdowns, navigating dangerous conditions and more. If you’re in need of a trusted underground utilities partner, please send us an email. We will respond to your inquiry promptly. 

Helm’s Underground Utilities Capabilities Include

  • Sanitary Sewer  
  • Force Main 
  • Water Main  
  • Storm Sewer   
  • Natural Gas 
  • Hot & Chilled Water 
  • Steam
  • Fuel System 

Our Defining Centers Of Excellence

  • Registered Professional Engineering Leadership
  • Innovation & Early Adoption Of The Most Powerful Technology
  • Highest Standards for 24/7 High Quality Service 
  • Talented, Diverse Team of Veteran and Young Engineers & Field Staff 
  • Decades of Experience Dating Back To 1946