Helm Group

Our Approach

Our Approach is All About Exceeding Customer Expectations

The first step in every new opportunity is to really listen to what the customer wants.  Ideally, we will meet with the customer to understand the end project and talk through each step in our process.  On plan and spec projects where there isn’t an opportunity to meet, we study the plans and specifications so that we are pricing exactly what is needed.

Once we understand what is needed, we look for opportunities to optimize the design and reduce the cost.  Our in-house engineering staff draws on past experience to add value to the project plan.

We budget the project pulling together information from similar projects and planning the current project.  Scheduling goes hand-in-hand with budgeting and we deliver the schedule with the price.

Much of the planning is done pre-award so that we can be ready to mobilize as soon as we are given the green light.  Refining the plan doesn’t stop at the beginning of the project, however, and continues throughout the project.

As we plan for production, we are also planning for safety and quality.  The three go together or the project won’t be successful.

We are finishing the work as we go with the intent that there is no punch list or call backs.  Commissioning, testing, and cleanup all are performed throughout the project so that we are optimizing the schedule time. On many projects, the construction rolls into facility management proving that our true approach is to be your partner for the life of your project.