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If You Live in Northern Illinois, You Have Driven On Our Roads. Many of Them.  

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Helm has been paving the roads you drive on in the Midwest for over 50 years. We stake our reputation on every project we do. Whether we’re engineering and building a four-lane highway or a fifty foot driveway, we treat every client with dignity, like a partner. We know that each time we embark on a project of any size, we’re re-creating our relationship with the marketplace all over again and have yet another opportunity to create lifelong relationships – and build something of lasting value together. 

As is the case in all our other divisions, innovation is a notable feature of Helm’s paving history. We operated the first hot mix asphalt plant in northwest Illinois in 1960 and continue to provide the highest quality paving services and asphalt products to both public and private sectors today.  Our three asphalt plants, each with over 300 tons per-hour production capacity, provide a coverage area of over 4,000 square miles.

We will put our sterling safety record up against any competitor in the business – anywhere. Helm approaches each job with the same rigorous expectations in every division of our company; our paving division is no exception. You can hire Helm worry-free and with confidence. 

When it comes to engineering and value engineering, Helm is a leader and our history of being among the earliest of adopters of technology has cemented that reputation in the modern era. Among the technology we use in road construction and other paving services are advanced control automation, dust capture systems, and efficient burner systems. Our time-tested value-engineering approach often saves owners money long before our trucks roll out of our yards. 

From the standpoint of systems and technology, Helm works hard to minimize materials use, pave within tight tolerances and achieve client-driven accuracy and smoothness specs every time. Our quality control teams operate out of three state-of-the-art testing facilities to help us produce premium quality asphalt and aggregate materials for each of our projects and all owners. 

Helm’s fleet of company-owned equipment and vehicles, numbering more than 500 pieces, is another remarkable strength that keeps us competitive, on time and on budget. 

If you want your next road construction or paving project to be built to the finest, most exacting standards – on time and on budget, click here to begin a conversation with Helm. We will get back to you promptly. 

Our Paving Solutions Include 

  • Rigorous safety standards 
  • Three asphalt plants, 300 tn/hr, serving 4,000 square miles 
  • Leading Edge In-House Mix Design
  • Three Strategically Located Quality Control and Testing Facilities Drive Exacting Standards 
  • Rigorous Safety Standards 
  • Recycled roadway and asphalt shingle technology
  • Warm mix asphalt

Our Defining Centers Of Excellence 

  • Innovation & Early Adoption Of The Finest Technology
  • Enduring Commitment to Value Engineering 
  • Highest Standards for Quality Control & Craftsmanship   
  • 24/7 Service 
  • Long-Tenured, Talented Management Team  
  • Decades of Experience Dating Back To 1946