Brian Helm has been President of Mechanical Incorporated since 2001 and has managed the company through a period of tremendous growth and opportunity. Brian provides operational oversight, leadership, and strategy to the Mechanical Inc. team. He is very involved with industry initiatives and supporting the communities in which the company works. Brian is a Registered Professional Engineer with over 20 years’ experience in the construction industry.


      Gary Statdfield started working at Mechanical Incorporated in 1972. He currently is in charge of all PreConstruction Services and continues to lead in extraordinary measures. Gary also has extensive experience in Estimating and Project Management and is a leader in the Construction Industry.

          JEFF MCCOY

          Jeff McCoy has been in the construction service industry since 1987 and joined Mechanical Incorporated in 2000 when he started the Service Division. He and his team’s various offerings are a vital component of the company. Jeff continues to lead with new innovations in operational and service excellence.

              DALE COX

              Dale Cox, Vice President, started with Mechanical Inc. in 1979 and has served in many roles over the years. His combination of craft experience together with formal education in business and engineering qualifies Dale to support the many offerings of Mechanical Inc. with a focus on delivering complex projects on time and within budget. Dale has participated in industry advancement through participation on industry boards and instructing industry training programs for many years.

                  CHRIS LORING

                  Chris Loring joined the Helm Group in 2007 as the Corporate Safety Director. He has over 10 years of experience in general industry and construction occupational health and safety. He is responsible for improving the overall implementation of the Helm Group Safety Program to ensure a safe and productive workplace. Since Chris began working for the Helm Group, he has played a large role in improving the safety culture, which in turn has had a positive effect on the company’s safety statistics, including its EMR and LWDIR.