The Helm Group conducts business with opennessand integrity.


We create value for our customers by first understanding their needs and then exceeding their expectations.We provide extraordinary opportunities for employees by attracting aggressive, enthusiastic people, training and challenging them, and providing a safe, respectful and enjoyable work environment.We develop mutually beneficial partnering relationships as an extension of our capacity to deliver value to our customers, employees, and shareholders. We enhance the communities in which we work by maintaining safe work sites, minimizing disruptions, protecting the environment, and supporting community organizations.
Our shareholders value the continuity of the business and require profitable growth to invest in the future.We conduct business with openness, fairness and integrity, and expect the same from our customers.we do what we say!



Our Company’s focus is to deliver the following qualities to our customer:


    We achieve value by consistently utilizing our project management system,doing what we say, and using customer feedback to continuously improve.Our constant pursuit of quality and productivity enables us to compete and deliver value in today’s “low-cost producer market.”


    We employ aggressive, enthusiastic, talented people and provide them with appropriate training, challenge and opportunity. Experienced, competent, capable employees deliver added value to our customers.


    We listen, fully understand and respond to customer needs in a positive and timely manner. By responding proactively, we exceed expectations and add value for our customers.


    We do what we say we will do. By consistently delivering on our commitments and providing quality product on time, we add value and build confidence for our customers.


    We deliver products or services on or before the date promised.We realize the serious impacts delays create. On time completion is critical to production and budget performance. Delivering on time maintains our reputation and adds value for our customers.


    We build mutually beneficial partnering relationships, allowing trust, openness and anticipation of changing requirements. Proactively building relationships adds value for our customers and differentiates us from our competitors.


    Safety is our first priority. We strive to provide a non-hazardous, accident-free work environment for our employees, customers and the public. Application of our safety program and continuous training insure that safety is never compromised on our job sites.