Operating out of multiple pipe and sheet metal fabrication shops, Mechanical has performed fabrication on some of the largest projects in the Midwest. As a testament to our efficiency and quality, much of the fabricated materials that leave our shops are for outside customers. Mechanical has fabricated water treatment skids for the Middle East, telescope platforms for NASA, ductwork for large hospitals, as well as many other orders of all sizes and scopes. Mechanical’s fabrication activities are divided into six areas. The first is modularization where multi-trade utility racks are fabricated off-site and then delivered as a unit to the facility. The second is traditional pipe fabrication where the newest welding and joining technologies are used. The third is duct fabrication where both spiral and rectangular duct is fabricated for both our own use and for other contractors. Fourth, we perform architectural sheet metal fabrication, from steel roofing and gutter systems to ornamental metal features. Fifth is hanger fabrication where we design and fabricate all of the projects hangers to length in our shop instead of in the field. Among the benefits we find in fabrication and modularizing our systems are safety, quality, and productivity which are all easier to manage in a controlled environment. Once the modules and fabricated sections are delivered to the site, the project recognizes significant schedule savings as well as improved safety and quality.