Mechanical started using 3D CAD in the mid-1990s as a way to produce pipe fabrication drawings more easily. As other trade contractors on our projects began using CAD, we were one of the leaders in promoting the collaboration of all trades into one model. This collaborative effort became known in the industry as Building Information Modeling and today, almost all of our projects have a BIM model. The BIM process requires a host Model Manager to bring each trade’s BIM drawings together, run the collision checks, and work out conflicts in the model. Mechanical has experience as the Model Manager on many projects and is also comfortable letting others handle management of the model. Mechanical has the hardware and software required to use BIM to its fullest capacity. We can add smart tags and intelligence to items and also add 4D, 5D, and 6D to the model where schedule, cost, and life cycle management are included. Mechanical has over 20 full-time CAD technicians working on our projects. Our company philosophy is that CAD drawings allow our installations to be safer, more productive, and have higher quality; even when full-BIM is not required or supported by the project team, we will use 3D CAD as our standard operating procedure.