Fall 2015

I-88 Tollway Rehabilitation, Using Situational Awareness, Lake Forrest Hospital, Nelson Power Plant, Village of Lena, Pearl Valley Eggs, Photos: Year in Review, Cleveland Hotel, Crane Fleet update, Effingham update, NU Kellogg, Helm Group Buildings, Tech Update, United Way Donation, EEO policy. (download)

Fall 2014

Reaching the Next Milestone, Choose the Behavior Choose the Consequence, Highway 20 Bridges, 2014 Helm Group Project Photos, Route 26 Paving,  New Mechanical Fab Shop, Chicago Athletic Association, Heavy Launches New Website, United Way Donation. (download)

Spring 2014

People Building Value Award Announced, CEO Message, Advanced Technology Solar Telescope, Civil Structures 2014 Large Projects, 2014 Safety Performance and Goals, Biggsville 4 Lane Expressway, 2013 People Building Value Awards, BIM at Illinois Masonic, Woodward Expands in Rockford Area. (download)

Fall 2013

Massive High School in Northwest Indiana, CEO Message, Galena Flood Prevention, Clinton Route 136 Pier Repair, Federal Aviation Administration, Lake Central high School Progress Photos, Fuller Creek Lift Station, Heavy and Capello – A Head Above the Rest, Award Winning Bridges, United Way. (download)

Fall 2012

Hyatt High-Rise Starting Strong, Bypass Improvement Completed, Civil Expands to South with Acquisition, A Year in Review, Morgan Street Bridge Arch Erected, Mechanical Builds Big at CSL Behring, Mechanical Leads the Way, Heavy Celebrates Years of Service, Helm Group has Record EMR. (download)

Spring 2012

Integrated Project Delivery, Route 40 Bridge Project, PBV Recognition and Awards, Cleveland Medical Mart and Convention Center, National Apprenticeship Program, Rock Island Wet Weather Treatment Plant, How to Handle an OSHA Inspection, Tracking the Savings at Heavy. (download)